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The Heart of the Emergency Room

Special Guest 

Director Takuro Adachi will be present for Q&A after every screenings

Thu May 9, 16:10

Fri May 10, 18:30

Sat May 11, 21:00

A variety of patients are brought in by ambulance 24 hours everyday.

In Japan, ambulance as a part of municipal fire departments, do not charge for transportation to hospitals. Under the motto of "emergency care that never refuses," the Ekisaikai Hospital in Nagoya accepts everyone from the elderly with no relatives to those in need. However, the number of ambulances carrying critically ill patients reached a record high due to the pandemic. Patients rejected by other hospitals are pouring into the Ekisaikai Hospital, and the beds are filling up fast... Documentary filmmaker Takuro Adachi observes doctors and patients in various generations and background, and listens to their real voices.


Directed by: Takuro Adachi Year of production: 2023 Duration: 95 Japanese with English subtitles Title in Japanese: その鼓動に耳をあてよ SONO KODO NI MIMI O ATEYO



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